Studio Dreaming part II

Yesterday, I went to visit a good colleague and friend of mine, Signe Bay, in her studio, where I had lunch with her and our mutual great friends, Caroline Nehring and Anthony Bogdan (+ their adorable kids).

if the photos below seem familiar, it’s probably because you’ve already seen her work on Instagram or you remember the photos from my last visit to her studio, about a year ago. 

Back then, I had just quit my job a few months before to embark out on this adventure of working independently. I still remember very clearly how everything was new and more uncertain back then and how visiting her studio was an aha moment for me. Both because Signe quit her job a few years ago too and it was nice and inspiring to see how much she had gained from her decision, and because it made me feel like I was on the right track, towards something new, great and exciting. 

So, revisiting her studio was not only a nice day spend with lovely people, but also a trip down the memory lane, which put the past year into perspective for me. It’s funny to sit back and look on what I’ve created since then and I’m honestly happy and proud of it all.

I am also very excited about the year ahead and wonder what it will bring. Hopefully mostly good! :)
My 30th birthday is in two weeks, which puts things even more in perspective. Somehow I feel like that's a more grown-up milestone than anything else I've done so far, including getting kids and a house. All I know for sure is that I will do my best to use all that I’ve learned through the past 30 years and spend every single day ahead as good as I can. That's a promise I've made myself and I think about every day. Of course that doesn't mean that all days ahead will be perfect, but as long as I've done the best I could I'm OK with that.

Click the photos below to see them in full size: