My story

A year ago, I quit my desk job to become a full time photographer. Of course, as everything else in life, it has its ups and downs, but luckily, for me it has proven to be a life changing decision in its best possible sense.

One of the things I enjoy the most about my "new life", is the personal freedom. I have more time than ever to travel, invest in myself and my personal work.

One of my recent projects that I've been dying to show you, is a video-based collaboration with HONDA. Not only has it been one of my favorite projects to work on, I am also very happy about the result.
I really enjoyed the process in creating everything, from the initial meetings to telling the story, the filming and editing and not least the incredibly fun and cozy day I had with a great friend of mine who helped with everything (thank you, Sebastian!).

By watching the video, I hope you can sense some of all the feelings I have attached to this life changing new road I'm on and that you'll enjoy joining me on this road trip, even just for a minute or so.

Everything is shot on a bright and warm late summer day, in Copenhagen and beyond. I'd love to hear what you think of it, and if you'd like to see more stuff like this in the future, please let me know. Thank you! :)