Christmas opening at Tivoli

This Friday my family and I were invited for the pre-opening of the annual Christmas celebrations in one of the world's oldest (and best) amusement parks: Tivoli! 🎉

We started off with one of the true Danish Christmas traditional eatings - æbleskiver, gløgg and hot coco for the kids. If you don't know what this is yet, you are honestly missing out on some of the best in life!

We had a such a cozy time and I could have stayed there longer. But the kids wanted to test the roller coasters, so of course we did.

My favorites have always been the carousels. I guess I'm a bit boring like that ;)

We spent the rest of the night by meeting with santa (like Konrad had been talking about the entire day), enjoying more food and drinking and of course trying out all the roller coasters, etc.

It was dark and I was cold, but I did manage to catch a few glimpses trough the night. Here's a selection of them: 

And at last, say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! :D


Also, what's up with the kids these days??? 👇🏻😂 I don't know her, but I like her style ;)