2017 Adventures

Made in collaboration with Victorinox, please note that the links are only meant as a service, I am not making any money from your purchases :)

Hey guys! So the new year is right around the corner, can't wait for the adventures to come, both big and small.

2017 was my first whole year as a full-time independent photographer, which has been both terrifying and exciting. More about that later :)
One of the clients that I've really enjoyed working with through the year is Victorinox. I clearly remember the Swiss Army Knives from when I was a small boy, and all the adult men I knew had one in their pocket, as if they were prepared for any kind of situation, from fixing a bike wheel to WW3. I always thought that was so cool.

And with this new client, I finally got my own! Never have I felt more prepared for the everyday to come at me :)

A photo from my living room, when I was preparing for the last weeks trip to the Swiss alps.
Featured Victorinox products can be found here: Wallet, Swiss Army Knife, Swiss Tool.

I was lucky enough to receive a selection of their products, to photograph for them and you. And as it turns out, Victorinox is about much more than pocket knives. So I also got the chance to work and get first hand experience with one of the most robust watches the world has seen (they've put it through insane tests, involving Swiss army tanks, extreme temperatures and much more). Read more about the craftsmanship behind the watch and see details here.

Moreover, I also got the pleasure to work with some of their bags. I got a backpack, which I've enjoyed using for both travel and everyday things as going to the gym and on trips alone and with the family, as with my son Konrad, pictured below :)

Lastly I received a travel case, which I used for the first time on our trip for Switzerland. And let me just say, that especially the travel case has blown me away by its quality. The material and design is so sleek to look at and once you get in your hand, you really feel the difference.

On the roads of the Swiss alps, shot last week on a beautiful snowy day. Check the travel case here.

As I said in the beginning of this post, being 100% independent has its ups and downs. Working with interesting clients like Victorinox has definitely made a positive difference in my 2017, and I feel very fortunate about getting great chances like this. It's hard work to keep on trucking, so I hope you know that I truly appreciate all the support you show me and my work!

I am soon ready with a round-up of my Switzerland trip, including a video, and a personal 2017 round-up. I hope you're all having a Merry Christmas and some Happy Holidays! Talk to you soon.