France - a trip to remember

Hey guys. I just wrote the longest blog post in years and accidentally got to delete it. Omg! I guess sometimes you just got to learn things the hard way.

I can't rewrite it, so I'm afraid you'll have to do with the shorter version. Here goes :) Two weeks of summer vacation in southern France, involving everything from terror attacks to warm days at the beaches and long nights in the mountains.

So, my family and I just returned from two weeks of Summer vacation in Southern France. We arrived at Nice airport late in the evening due to heavy delays on our flight from Copenhagen. Luckily, we had arranged transport from the airport, so we were picked up by a friendly chauffeur, who drove us directly to the doorstep of our apartment. I remember how we were all looking out the car windows during the drive, talking about the amazing fireworks that lid up the sky in the occasion of the Bastille Day.

Unfortunately, it all ended very quickly and dramatically, as we were suddenly stuck in the middle of a terror attack. We had been in our apartment for about 10 minutes, when we heard the first sirenes. As I'm sure you all know, a mad man drove a truck through a crowd of innocent people, who did nothing but celebrating life and love. Our apartment was located at the end of his route, which naturally affected us.

Thinking about it today, I can only be grateful and thank whoever might be watching over us, that nothing happened to my family or me, and hope and pray for France and the world in general <3

The morning after, after a few hours of sleep, my beloved wife brought us all kinds of croissants and doubble espressos (I love that woman) <3 We talked, tried to keep our minds positive and quickly decided to rent a car and leave the town until we had to come back for our flight home.

We picked up what looked like the last rental car in Nice and drove most of the day along the shore. So awfully sad to see how one half of the city was in deep, deep sorrow, while the other half was trying to escape reality. Brutal, and unfair.

From Nice, we drove to a small coast town called Agay, where we had our base for about a week. From there we could both enjoy local life and easily drive up and in to the old towns in the mountains, which suited us perfect. Here's a few of my favorite views from those days:

After this, we were looking forward to three days in one of the most magical places I've ever been: Saint-Paul de Vence.

We stayed at a luxurious hotel, which was nice, but completely impossible to enjoy with a two-year-old :) Luckily there were so many things to experience in the surrounding area, so we spent most of our time on the go. We visited the most cozy small local towns, we drove along the mountains and enjoyed the magnifient views, we ate on a lot of good and bad restaurants and we visited the oldest city I've ever been in, dating back to the Middle Ages. More or less the rest of our time was enjoyed in a pool or bath tub, preferably accompanied by an espresso or white wine ;)

So, all in all, it was a way too dramatic and far from perfect trip, but I'm just happy we're all okay and got a lot of nice memories from a learningful trip. See a selection of the rest of my favorite views from the trip here: 

And lastly but not least, a BIG thank you to this beautiful woman, who (as always) made this trip a thousand times better :)

To those who are asking, the sunglasses are from Ørgreen ;)

To those who are asking, the sunglasses are from Ørgreen ;)