The Scottish Highlands

Okay, here comes a funny story. We actually paid for this trip months before take-off, which is very unlikely for us (we use to book everything last minute) and then decided not to go. After our stay in France during the terror attacks, we weren't feeling like travelling again so soon.
But when departure day came, I couldn't help but feeling it was the wrong decision. So, we packed our bags and kids, got in the bus to the airport and booked hotels and car on the way - which was the best decision I've taken in a long time! :) Let me tell you why...

We flew to Edinburgh, which was a rather nice airport - small and located close to the city centre. As mentioned before, we booked a car on the go, but regretted our choice of car when we arrived. It was a nice Opel, with room for all of us, but it looked a bit trashed and had manual gear, which I'd like not to worry about, now that I had to drive in the wrong side of the lane (they drive left side). So we decided to go all in, this vacation was meant to be absolutely perfect! We ended up with a Mercedes E-class and I have never driven anything like it. Wow! You'll appreciate that everyday, but especially during the long trips on the narrow and steep roads in Scotland.


We knew we couldn't drive as far north in the country as we might wanted to, due to bringing our kids. So we tried to experience as much wild nature as possible in the areas semi-close to Edinburgh.

We stayed two nights next to Loch Lomond, which was a really nice place located by itself next to this huge lake (or "loch" as they call it):

We drove a few hours to Glencoe, which was without a doubt one of the most amazing places I've ever been. So happy and thankful to experience it and to being able to bring my kids. Their minds were at least as blown as mine :D

After spending our time in the wild, untamed highlands, it was time to get back to Edinburgh. We only spent one afternoon outside in the city, the rest was spent inside the nicest little hotel we found by coincidence a few hours before checking in. I think all of us needed some time to slow down and just be, so we did. I managed to capture a few shots though :)

So, all in all, this was one of the best trips I've ever been on. Everything was just perfect and it's definitely not the last time I'll pay Scotland a visit.

On a different note, a lot of you is asking about prints at the moment. They're coming, just around the corner! :)