Sweden, February 2016


My family and I went skiing with Visit Sweden for a week in Idre Fjäll. We had a fantastic trip and enjoyed all the possibilities the place offers.

We stayed in a cozy cottage with room for 8 people, sauna, a nice terrace and generally all you need on a trip in the cold north on a snowy day. A lot of quality time was spent here :)

Of course, we spent a lot of time skiing, but as Idre Fjäll is a big place, they also offer many other activities. We tried a few of them: sleigh riding and driving a snow scooter. Personally I really did enjoy both, and so did the rest of the family. Here's a few snapshots from some of it.

When not drinking hot coco and eating Swedish bakery in the cottage, we spent our time skiing and exploring the breathtaking surrounding area.


Lastly, thanks to Visit Sweden for giving us the opportunity. Not only was it fun, a lot of great memories were created during that trip, which we'll take with us the rest of our lives :)

The drive from Denmark was long, but I wouldn't have been without the trip. The nature was deeply impressive in its own rough and beautiful way. Here's some of the stuff which left me with no other choice than stopping the car and go out to take it all in.


Note: this post was sponsored by the good folks at Visit Sweden.