Instagram Inspiration

Inspired by my good friends at Scandinavia Standard who recently did something similar, I decided to share some of the places I get my inspiration from. Therefore, I have made a shortlist containing some of my absolute favorite photographers on Instagram. It started as a top 10, but ended as a top 20. See who they are below.

Photo by  Katerina Irlin

You should know that it's been nearly impossible to narrow the list down to these finalists, since there are so many amazing photographers out there. There are of course many more people out there that I admire, and this is an attempt of showing you some of my absolute biggest inspirations on Instagram - and hopefully they will inspire you too :)

When you have checked my top 20, please don't be shy, but let me know (in the comments below or on Instagram) who inspires you the most and why. I'm always searching for inspiration, so I'd love to hear who makes your boat float! :)


My top 20 shortlist:

(in no particular order)



Behind this name resides a guy with the name Kevin Kinghorn. With his own words, he is "chasing emotions through still frames". And in my opinion, he does that very well! Besides his obvious photographer skills, one of the things I really appreciate in his photos is his ability to tell stories and evoke feelings in the viewer (me). Sometimes I almost feel like being part of the scene, when I study his photos. Take this for example:

Always loved photographing romance, never really thought I'd photograph my own. Slow dances at sunset with @kjpinc 👌🏼✨

Et billede slået op af Kevin Kinghorn (@kodiak.stag) den



Rosie Hardy is the only one of her kind in my feed. I am not a big fan of photoshop art, because I rarely find it speaking to me. Rosie's photos changed my opinion about this entirely. She has an excellent way of balancing the real and surreal, plus she is an outstanding storyteller. Therefore, I find myself lost in her fairytales every time I come across her photos.

"Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere." - Einstein 129/365 🎈

Et billede slået op af Rosie Hardy (@georgiarosehardy) den



Joe Greer is among one of the people I have followed for the longest period of time + one of the people I am following on most different social media platforms. I fell for his photography a long time ago, but moreover he also has a personality I really like. He always seem funny, humble, honest, hard working, and like a caring husband. That combined with his talent makes him one of the first people I wanted to add to this list. If you like him, make sure to check out his street account as well: ioestreet.

Somewhere in Banff, Alberta.

Et billede slået op af Joe Greer (@ioegreer) den



I have always found Chris Ozer inspiring, because he seemed like being in a place I could only dream of, when I first started shooting and using Instagram. He is a great photographer and director, working with everything from landscape to portrait photography. One of the things I like the most about Chris on Instagram, is that he shares whatever he feels like sharing, obviously not caring too much about what performs the best. It never looks messy, but he always have room for everything: the results of his daily work, travels or even the intimate moments of his personal life with his lovely kids and wife.

Soaking up the last bits of Summer

Et billede slået op af Chris Ozer (@chrisozer) den



I will keep this simple. If you love wild life and nature, and particularly Iceland, follow this guy. If you aren't already, you're doing it wrong. Trust me on this one :)



Emilie Ristevski is a female photographer from Australia, who seems to have the world as her playground. I don't know much about her and only found her recently, but I already recognize her photos immediately when I see them in my feed. They have a warm glow and somehow always makes me want to jump right in to the frame.

When you find yourself in a fairytale...✨✨ Hello Germany! @simplysaxony #simplysaxony

Et billede slået op af Emilie Ristevski (@helloemilie) den



Life Magazine, is one of America's oldest and greatest photographic magazines. The photographers who have contributed to this magazine through the years are some of the most influential people in the photographic history of all times. They share photos from the archive and the story behind on a daily basis - need I say more? This is by far one of my all time favorite Insta follows.



The name means Parisian World, which I think reflects the romantic and somehow longing feel of most of the posts. The account holder has a gift with words that I enjoy to read every day. The photos are great as well, but it's really the words that always gets me. I mean, just take the bio description as example: "Hey little fighter, soon things will be brighter". Don't say you didn't smile reading that sentence! :) 

your life will be a mess sometimes; a big fat mess of broken alcohol bottles and tears racing down your cheeks at three a.m. it will be failing math tests and not getting into the college you applied for. it will be the boy you love falling in love with another girl and your best friend moving across the country. it will be the world caving in and you not being able to breathe and it will be shaky hands and slurred words and beating hearts- but it will also be beautiful. it will be road trips across the country with your best friend with the radio loud and your heart so free that it feels like it’s going to explode out of your chest. it will be late nights on the roof with only the stars above you and you’re holding the boy you love and he murmurs into your ear that he loves you back. it will be early mornings with the sunlight draped across your back as you’re curled beneath the sheets soaked with the light that fills your soul. it will be midnight bonfires on the beach and falling asleep with your eyes sparkling and your heart pounding and the waves that tossed you around filling your lungs. it will be dancing in the middle of the street at midnight with your feet brushing the ground and hair tangled with wonder and euphoria. it will be comfort, love, light and freedom. it will be finding yourself in things you love and losing yourself there too. it will be drunken kisses, shaking breaths and warm heartbeats. it will be magic. you just gotta wait for it.

Et billede slået op af Les Parisiennes du monde (@lesparisiennesdumonde) den



I came across Nik's photos by coincidence less than a year ago and still remember my first visit on his account. I was blown away by the originality I found in his photos, next blown away by the fact that he didn't have more followers and that he is "only" 23 years old. He now has around 2k followers, but in my opinion he should have at least 200k, looking at the quality of his work. So, if you don't know him yet, check him out! I'm sure you won't regret it.


Et billede slået op af Nik (@nikshades) den



Andre D. Wagner is a sublime street photographer, capturing life in all forms on his analogue monochrome camera. Just like Nik, this guy has something special that really speaks to me. The photo I've featured below is of older date and one of my all time favorites of his. Photos like this makes it a little easier for me to believe in a bright future. And that's the gift Andre has: to tell stories and evoke feelings. Some of the most valuable skills a photographer can have and something I am constantly working on being as good as possible at. 

Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn 2013 #35mm

Et billede slået op af Andre D. Wagner (@photodre) den



Bee Walker is definitely among my biggest inspirations, and so is her husband, Rog Walker, who unfortunately isn't on Instagram. It is difficult to explain why in short, so I think you should check their work instead. These two have succeeded doing things their own way, which I truly respect, and I find their story very inspiring. So, on all levels, two very inspiring people that I think you would love to get to know better.



Behind the cryptic name hides Christian Watson, a young photographer, illustrator and business man. Not only is he great with the visual stuff, he also has a habit of writing longer stories to his photos, sharing his personal experiences and views of life. 1924us is much more than a popular Instagram account, it's a whole universe. Step in, I think you'll like it.



Cory Crawford is one of the first photographers I followed on Instagram and I've been hanging on ever since. He is a great landscape and portrait photographer, and on top of that a really good and funny guy. To bad he doesn't insta story a bit more often, cause they are always hilarious.

Finding rest.

Et billede slået op af Cory Crawford (@coryacrawford) den



This is one of those profiles I just knew had to be a part of the list no matter what. Many people think that the person behind the camera is a guy (myself included at first glance), but the photographer is actually a woman named Jomayra. She captures the streets of NYC in a beautiful, sometimes moody, sometimes dramatic, way, that I can't get enough of. She is without a doubt one of my big inspirations, for example because of photos like the one below <3

Dressed in rain #VSCO

Et billede slået op af Jomayra Texeira (@visualmemories_) den



Behind the name trashhand is a Chicago-based photographer named Serdar, who has been in the Instagame from the very beginning. He has his own style, often mixing very warm and cold tones, shooting streets, skyscrapers, abandoned buildings as well as portraits and fashion.
This guy was one of the first professionals I saw on Instagram, which sparked the dream of making it on my own. Definitely worth a follow if you're into this kind of photography.

Et billede slået op af trashhand (@trashhand) den



Katerina Irlin is a Russian born photographer, who at some point moved to NYC and now seems like living the dream. She mostly shares fashion styled portraits, shot in the streets primarily using natural light, which is how I love to shoot as well. Also, her street photos is out of this world! So of course, she was also one of my obvious choices for this list. She will soon hit 1 million followers, maybe you'll be the lucky one? ;)


Et billede slået op af kat irlin (@kat_in_nyc) den



Behind this account is an American guy named Timothy McGurr. He is shooting everything from urban scenery to backstage photos of Beyoncé. And he does it so well! Check this out for example. The composition is razor sharp as always and the tones are just amazing!


Et billede slået op af 13thwitness (@13thwitness) den



Deun Ivory is not your everyday photographer. She is a creative with an agenda, trying to make the world a better place to live in through her work. I truly respect that and I love the filmic originality of her photos and her way of portraying life. Especially the ones of mother- and childhood are special to me :)



As described as the legendary Henri Cartier-Bresson: "Magnum is a community of thought, a shared human quality, a curiosity about what is going on in the world, a respect for what is going on and a desire to transcribe it visually". In other words, this is a cooperative of some of the world's greatest photographers of all times. Make sure to check it out and inspiration is guaranteed.



Jeremy Snell is an experienced photographer, dp and cinematographer. What I like about his photos in more than technical stuff, it has a voice! He shares a lot of work with a humanitarian touch, which is nothing like the stuff you usually see. These are honest photos embracing the local culture and the people living in it as it is. They somehow tell me a story and makes me hope and believe in a brighter future, not only in the west, but for all os us. This photo for example, is a photo that has been stuck in my head since the first time I saw it. So much life, love, vitality, beauty and hope to find in Africa.


And that's all folks!

As a said in the beginning, this is not a complete list of people who inspire me. But I had to cut somewhere :) I hope you find it inspiring as well, and would love to hear what you think of it and who inspires you! Leave your words below or on my Instagram - thanks.